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May 16 Torah Circle


    • 12:20 PM — Please get on the call at this time. We’ll take a few minutes to great each other and deal with any technical issues.
    • 12:30 PM — Torah Circle begins. Moment of silence.
      • Niggun/prayer
      • Brief personal check-ins
      • 1st circle — Reading through the parsha, a few sentences each. (We’ll be showing the text on the screen as we go.)
      • 2nd circle — Each person has the opportunity to offer reflections from our minds and hearts, with no interruptions or cross-talk.
      • 3rd circle — Opportunity for further reflections and conversation.
    • 2:00 – 2:30 PM — Bringing the Torah Circle to conclusion.
      • Concluding the 3rd circle.
      • Prayers for healing, Kaddish, and announcements.
      • Kiddush — have your wine/grapejuice and glass ready!

Parsha: Behar

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TC Community 2020

A gathering place for all of us in the Torah Circle community to stay connected. At this time of social distancing, we’re doubling down on social connecting! We invite you to use this community blog space for sharing:

  • Personal reflections about life here, at this moment.
  • Torah thoughts, insights, commentaries.
  • Personal and family news.
  • News of upcoming Jewish events.

To post, just scroll down to the bottom. And we invite you to respond to what others are sharing.

Looking forward to your news and reflections!

TC Connect

October 28, 2019
The wildfires and power shutdowns that are impacting many of us in the Torah Circle are highlighting the importance of community — and of staying in touch with other — in times like these.

So we’re experimenting with setting up a page where anyone in our community with a cell phone can choose to be in communication with the rest of us when the power is down, to ask for help if needed, to offer help, to share information, to coordinate getting together, or to just stay in touch.

Please share any reflections or suggestions below, stay tuned, and we’ll see what emerges!

Elul Expedition — King in the Field

Elul Expedition — King in the Field

The metaphor for the space of God-connection on Rosh Hashanah is “the palace.” The “palace” is a most special experience, separate from ordinary life, a place of special holiness, a place we don’t enter casually. We prepare as best we can, physically and spiritually. We do our best to be worthy, and where we fall short, we pray for compassion and forgiveness.

Elul is different. The metaphor for the God-connection space is “the field.” During Elul, our sages teach, “the King is in the field.” The “field” is the material space where we live our ordinary lives. Teshuvah — returning. During Elul, God is doing teshuvah! Returning to us to meet us in the field.

Our challenge during Elul: to meet God’s teshuvah with our own. But where and how do we find God in the field? Is it when we take the opportunity to do an act of kindness for another person? Is it how we notice with gratitude when someone does an unexpected act of kindness for us? Is it when we see a beautiful flower, or the smile on the face of a stranger, or stop to listen to a bird sing? Is it all of the above?

So here’s our invitation: Post a Comment below, on any or every day of Elul, about your personal encounter with the King in the Field. We also invite you to check out the comments of friends who are sharing the journey, and share your personal responses to what they have said.

Most of all, we invite you to share this journey of our Torah Circle community!

To post your encounter with the “King in the field,” please scroll all the way down. Once your post is complete, it will appear on top.


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