Welcome to the Torah Circle!

“Let your house be a meeting place for people of wisdom; sit in the dust of their feet; and drink in their words.”
Pirkei Avot, 1:4

“Who is wise?
The one who learns from every person.”

Pirkei Avot, 4:1
The next Torah Circle online is June 1.
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The Coastside Torah Circle has been meeting live in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. And since March 2020, on Zoom.

By learning from our holy teachers over a broad spectrum of Jewish thought spanning many times and places — from traditional to Kabbalah to Hasidus to Renewal, and from each other — we also, over time and with God’s help, get the opportunity to become people of wisdom.

The Torah Circle is about honoring Torah and raising the sparks. Please join us, to listen deeply, to speak, and to learn.


Aryae & Wendy