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A gathering place for all of us in the Torah Circle community to stay connected. At this time of social distancing, we’re doubling down on social connecting! We invite you to use this community blog space for sharing:

  • Personal reflections about life here, at this moment.
  • Torah thoughts, insights, commentaries.
  • Personal and family news.
  • News of upcoming Jewish events.

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6 thoughts on “TC Community 2020

  1. Dan Howard

    What I’ve Learned About Love
    by Dan Howard

    1) Love is all there is.

    2) If I am looking for someone to “complete” me, I will find only disappointment.
    Although certainly imperfect, I am simultaneously complete just as I am.

    3) When I pursue Love, it eludes me. When I focus on service and my relationship with G*d, Love steps up to greet me.

    4) When I depend upon someone else to make me feel lovable, I have no real love to give. I cannot give what I do not have. As I learn to love myself, so am I able to authentically love others.

    5) I need to be cautious and vigilant of my expectations of another person. Unrealistic expectations invariably leads to resentments, impatience, frustration and judgement, all of which erode the quality of a relationship.

    6) Every relationship demands 200%: Each partner must be 100% present and 100% willing to do the work.

    7) To succeed in Love I must come from a place of strength, not weakness; from a place of abundance, rather than lack.

    8) The heart of G*d is always open and the Divine Heart beats within me. But it is a sentimental, false and cruel romantic conceit to believe that human hearts can remain open all the time. The heart is a valve. It opens and closes.

    9) Love is all there is.

  2. Louise Lipsey

    I would like to make a recommendation for people to check out some of the daily zoom meditations, classes, etc that the Institute for Jewish Spirituality is offering:

    And here is the trailer for Sustainable Nation, which I mentioned yesterday: This Israeli documentary is about how a few Israelis came up with ways to bring sustainable water solutions to drought conditions in Africa and India, here in CA as well as in Israel. (it appears to still be available to watch free on You Tube for Earth Day for the time being).

    And for some other climate related recommendations, these are a couple of awesome organizations doing great work:
    * Their website has info about urgent issues, research, actions to take, etc. (and I personally really appreciate all their great plastic pollution work)
    Also here is the video for their virtual April firedrillfriday that has several interesting segments, including one that showed an aerial view of the close proximately of those less disadvantaged to oil drilling in LA) is: (FUI Jane Fonda started

    *Rainforest Action Network: is the website for the Rainforest Action Network.

    Also here are a few other climate related links people might like to know about:
    This is a link to an Israeli Earth Day Climate and Covid 19 interview – presentation that was held with 2 knowledgable environmental activists and professors:

    This link is to the videos for the first day of the recent 3 day virtual Earth Day Live happening:

    And for anyone who didn’t hear it, here is the recording of Al Gore’s brief message during Earth Day Live:

    Louise Lipsey, RN,MSW,CIE

  3. Aryae Post author

    Reb Aryae’s Rules of Rebitude

    1. The more you grow, the less space you occupy.
    2. The less you say, the bigger your message.
    3. The more you know you don’t know, the clearer the guidance.
    4. The less you have, the more you have to give.

  4. Wendy Berk

    Iyyar is a month particularly auspicious for healing. Rav DovBer Pinson writes that Iyyar is an acronym for Ani Hashem Rofecha- I am Hashem your healer. He also writes that Iyyar is the 8th month of the solar year beginning with Tishrei and that the number 8 is associated with healing, especially spiral healing.

    The number 6 is associated with linear healing when one changes an assisting illness or injury. The number 7 is associated with circular healing which is the the perfect natural cycle. Spiral healing includes linear healing as well as natural healing when we also realize that everything is perfect as it is. 8 is a paradox representing nature and transcendence of of nature and the unity of doing and being.

    The above teaching is from “The Month of Iyyar” by Rav DovBer Pinson.

  5. Aryae Post author

    I recently came across a very interesting article by author and gift-economy advocate Charles Eisenstein in Daily Good, called, “Every Act a Ceremony.” It offers a distinction between ritual and ceremony that has very interesting implications for sacred community — such as the Torah Circle and our greater Bay Area Jewish Renewal Community — especially at this time. Got me thinking about things I can do to extend the realm of the sacred in my life.


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