May 30 Torah Circle


  • 12:20 PM — Please get on the call at this time. We’ll take a few minutes to great each other and deal with any technical issues.
  • 12:30 PM — Torah Circle begins. Moment of silence.
    • Niggun/prayer
    • Brief personal check-ins
    • 1st circle — Reading through the parsha, a few sentences each. (We’ll be showing the text on the screen as we go.)
    • 2nd circle — Each person has the opportunity to offer reflections from our minds and hearts, with no interruptions or cross-talk.
    • 3rd circle — Opportunity for further reflections and conversation.
  • 2:00 – 2:30 PM — Bringing the Torah Circle to conclusion.
    • Concluding the 3rd circle.
    • Prayers for healing, Kaddish, and announcements.
    • Kiddush — have your wine/grapejuice and glass ready!

In honor of Shavuot we are reading the Book of Ruth, which you can find at
Book of Ruth and Shavuot Commentaries


To Join the May 30 Torah Circle, please RSVP here!